DS Concept

Since 1959, the DS Concept has symbolised the uncompromising requirements of the Certina sport watch brand. It makes the timepieces extraordinarily robust.

The Double Security Concept

  1. Sapphire crystal (extremely scratch-resistant)
  2. O-ring seal on the setting stem
  3. Two O-ring seals on the crown
  4. Special seal in the case back
  5. Reinforced case back

Certina’s international reputation as a sports brand has been founded on the DS Concept since 1959. This system makes the watches extraordinarily robust. The secret of this Double Security (DS) system lies in the elaborate security features. The highly robust construction applies to all parts of the watch: scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, a complicated system of seals including seals on the setting stem and crown, and a reinforced case back. There is a good reason why all the Certina collections bear the abbreviation DS in their name: today the Double Security Concept is integral to all Certina models – sporty, casual or elegant, ladies’ or men’s. This philosophy of utmost reliability is reflected in the symbol of the turtle shell, Certina’s brand logo which can be found on each timepiece.


Water-resistant - thanks to the DS Concept

The water resistance indicates the maximum depth and pressure at which the watch continues to function. It is not recommended to wear watches with a water resistance of less than 10 bar (100m) when swimming or diving. All Certina watches are equipped with the DS Concept and have been tested up to a pressure of 10 bar (100m) according to the relevant ISO standards – particularly resistant models are even tested up to 30 bar (300m) or more!