Certina Eco Responsibility

Time for environmental protection

The Certina collection is increasingly marked by sustainability. In 2021, the brand is launching high-quality ecological packaging made entirely from recyclable materials for the first time. Even the cushion on which the timepieces rest inside their box is made from organic cotton and recycled polyester.

In parallel, the company is presenting a new watch strap that utilises sustainable fabric instead of materials such as leather or metal: #tide ocean material® upcycles plastic waste from the oceans into fashionable and robust bracelets.

watch box


This high-quality, secure and stylish watch packaging is made up entirely of recyclable materials and can be disposed of with paper waste without issues. The cushion inside is also composed of organic cotton and recycled polyester, ensuring a respectful and sustainable use of our resources.

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This watch strap is created by our committed partners at #tide ocean material(r). Together with scientists from Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences OST, they have developed an award-winning method of mechanically upcycling plastic waste from the oceans. The result is a new generation of high-quality, robust and cool textile bracelets.

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